Newcastle counting on new players

Rafael Benitez believes that the performance of the new players will determine whether Newcastle will be able to mount a serious push for promotion.

The Spanish manager believes that Newcastle United has a good chance to get back to the Premier League, but it is important that each player plays their part.

Although some players have left the team following their relegation Rafael Benitez has brought in some new faces and believes that they can help the team reach their objectives. He said that it is normal for some players to want to play in the Premier League or abroad but he will need to count on those that are staying. He believes that there are players that would want to stay with the team and to fight in order to bring the team back to the Premier League.

At the moment he wants to develop a good team spirit within the club and also help the team improve tactically. He admitted that it would be tough to play in the Championship, but they will have to prepare well. He said that it is a new competition for them and that there will be new clubs that there will be facing.

For Rafael Benitez, it is possible for Newcastle United to win their promotion but the players should be prepared to fight for it. He said that playing in the Championship is all about fighting and that the players should be ready physically and mentally. He stated that it is no use complaining about the players that have left the team and that fans should get behind the new players that have just joined the team. Benitez believes that the new players have the potential to improve the team and that they should be able to help the team fight for promotion.