The success that Luis Suarez has achieved at Barcelona, it has not surprised Luis Enrique a single bit.

According to Enrique, Suarez has scored goals fluently right from the start of his career.

So, the kind of numbers he has produced at Barcelona, it’s not to be surprised with.

Many had doubted Suarez’s ability to dominate as much in Spain as he had done in England, but, he has proved all of them wrong.

This season in particular, the Uruguayan has played some spectacular Football in the Spanish Premiership and in other tournaments and is presently leading the goal scoring chart for Barcelona.

Praising him in his press conference the other evening, Enrique said, “It doesn’t surprise me to see Luis come to Barcelona and deliver the goods this consistently. His goal-scoring rate has been fantastic throughout his career. He has contributed heavily for all the teams he has played for. He is a player with great ability.”

When asked if 2015 was the most successful year of his managerial career as he guided Barcelona to huge amount of success, the Spaniard said, “Look, past is past. We did wonderfully in 2015, but, it’s gone now. It’s history. We need to start afresh and look to repeat it all over again and hopefully, we do that.”

“There’s not too much gap in the level of the top teams in Europe. So, you can’t take anything for granted. You have to look to keep getting better and better. And, that I am saying not only for players, but, for us coaches as well and for each and every person who is a part of the club. Everyone can improve.”

Barcelona literally won every competition they took part in, including the Champions League, the previous year.