Seiten is not bothered by the press attention


Barcelona manager Quique Seiten is facing many questions from the press with many speculations regarding the club have arisen and even his position at the club is standing doubtful. On Thursday, a Spanish outlet has reported that Messi will be leaving the club as soon as his contract comes to an end and another criticism he is been facing regards his treatment towards the French footballer Antonio Griezmann.

Barca on their recent match against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday ended it with a tie for 2–2. In the match, Griezmann was pulled on to the pitch only before when there were few minutes left out on the pitch even though he was instructed for a warm-upin the second half.

This decision of Seiten has made him face criticism from the Frenchman’s family and also from the former Barcelona player Christophe Dugarry who said the manger to be incompetent. Griezmann has been left to fend off on the bench for the past three games and Barca hasn’t won any of these games.

Meanwhile, Seiten has claimed that media is trying to put forward the wrong information to the people. He also said a few words praising Griezmann that he is extraordinary and professional player. He is also mentally strong person and it will not affect him to have a few matches off the field.And he is sure that once back in the field he will be giving his best.

“I have spoken of hierarchies, but I have not spoken of indisputable players. Griezmann is a great player and very important for the club and the team. When he has played, you ask me about Ansu Fati.”

Seiten added that everyone cannot play in a game and he is the one who decides the team by looking into who will contribute and not contribute.